Hands-On Research

This course will involve students in hands-on, "under-the-glass" research on key climate change research topics being undertaken by B2 scientists, such as ocean eutrophication, drought, soil composition, succession, soil microbes, and more. Students enrolled in the course will work with B2 researchers to design and implement their own experiment using the biomes that are housed in the B2 glass enclosure which will further the work the scientists have already begun. The students keep a journal and data log throughout the week and give a group scientific presentation before the end of the program.

Students groups are guided throughout the week by Principal Investigators, Katerina Dontsova and Joost van Haren, and by post-graduate students who monitor the daily work. Through the scientific studies and the evening leadership activities, students come to appreciate and learn how to take the lead in sustaining our planet environmentally, be it as future scientists, environmental educators, or simply concerned, informed and action-oriented citizens.