Hands-On Research and Policy Making

From UCSD to Washington, DC

In our continuing effort to educate students in taking the lead and effecting change, our "Global Environmental Leadership and Sustainability” program is going a step further in teaching students to understand the environment and help initiate change in a way governments can follow to ensure a livable environment for ourselves and future generations. In order to do this, students must understand the roles and responsibilities of the different branches of the federal government, the legislative process, and how to be advocates in making policy changes that will enable this nation and others to improve and sustain our global environment.

In this course students spend the first week at UC San Diego, studying climate change and the Earth's ecosystems first hand with researchers from Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego and perform hands-on research and data collection. Leadership skills needed to effect change are incorporated into the evening program.

Students will also review how the government works – the roles and responsibilities of the federal government, the legislative process, and advocacy on how to make and/or change policy. They will put into practice what they’ve learned during the second week, when the group flies to Washington, DC to meet and speak with members of Congress.